Monday, May 23, 2011

Results of my blogiversary giveaway.

So here's the pic again of the 2 mystery polishes that you were supposed to guess:

Unfortunately no one got it right.
Or to be more accurate, no one got the base polish right.
Everyone got the glitter down pat.

So the 2 mystery polishes are:
1) OPI Last Friday Night

2) Bloom Bonnie
(Pic inspired by Jellynat; I just love her pics)

Right. So there were a total of 12 entries,
but I had to disqualify 2.
1 cos I could not locate her ID among my followers
(and I spent a good half an hour pouring over again and again)
and the 2nd one was disqualified cos the entry came in after my deadline.

So here are the 10 entries.
And since it was only 10,
I asked my father to give it a go at doing the honours.

And the winner is:


Congrats! I'm going to send you an email shortly after I'm done with this post!
Pls reply me within 5 days of the email.
Otherwise I will proceed to draw another winner.


Jackie S. said...

The Bloom Bonnie is gorgeous! Congrats to the winners!

bambaki83 said...

Thanks a lot!! I´m very happy!!

Berry T said...

Jackie S,
Yup! It is really pretty! I've not been disappointed with Amy of the bloom polishes tried so far! :)

Congrats again bambaki83!

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