Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I would love to go sailing on the Caribbean one day...

I've kinda accummulated too many nail art stickers,
and am now trying to get through them.

Picked this set of stickers for a nautical theme one that's been in my mind.

Polishes and stuff used for nail art mani are:
1) Orly Bare Rose
2) Ruby Kisses Caribbean
3) White and blue acrylic paint for the thin stripes
4) Gold disco ball glitters

And here's the mani that a colleague said reminded her of Sailor Moon!

hee... I rotated this pic to let you have a better sense of how it looks oriented IRL

I think this one's a win =)


ChaosButterfly said...

I really like this; it's so cute!

Berry T said...

Thank you dearie!

Sophie said...

Those stickers are soo cute! I want them!

Trincess said...

this is so sweet! =D

peripatetic33 said...

so fun

Minty said...

OMG! This is my favorite mani from you! Absolutely incredible!

Berry T said...

Yeah, those are just cutesy! I bought a bunch of these cute stickers and will be showing you guys soon!

Trincess, peripatetic33,
Thank you ladies :)

Awww.... I'm blushing. ;) I'm so pleased to read that you really really liked this one. Hopefully I'll come up with more mani that you will enjoy :)

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