Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Etude House Petite Nails Matte Collection: Milky Way Purple

Etude House came up with a matte collection recently.
I bought 2 to try but will be going back to see if there are other colours.
And I'm also going to add one from their matte collection to the prize lot that I'm giving away.

This one is called Milky Way Purple.
*love the little frosted bottle*

2 coats

Like most mattes, this one dries pretty fast.
The SA was actually going on and on about the quick-dry properties.
I almost wanted to tell her that most mattes and holos dry quick so it wasn't anything really special.

However, I found the application a little tricky.
Perhaps its cos I'm still not used to the matta formulae
which I read from some blogs are a little different to apply from the normal polishes.

Otherwise this one's a pretty brown-purple.
Actually made me think of Channelesque or Parlez Vous OPI mattified.
Might have to go try that out someday.

Also heard that Etude House came up with crackles as well.
I'm so going to stack their stores till I get my hands on some.


anne-marie said...

hi. i went to the etude house outlet at ps today and they've got a black crackle and a blue crackle. the blue one's not very pigmented, but i still bought it anyway.

Shiny! said...

Cute bottle, nice color!

ThRiSzHa said...

etude have a crack polish??

Berry T said...

Thanks for the heads up! I bought the etude cracks today! Got both the black and blue!

Yep! That bottle is really cute ain't it!

Yeah! You have to stalk your etude stores too! They have the cracks!

Berry T said...

Argh... I think blogger wiped my replies!!

Thanks for letting me know that the etude cracks are in! I went back and bought both the black and the blue one. :)

<3 the bottle right!

Yep, etude came up with cracks! And do you have Tony Moly in the phillippines too? I think they're coming up with crackles too

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