Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rubi Shoes in Sky

Nope. No worries.
Today's post is still about np. Not shoes.
Though I did buy a really pretty pair of heels recently =)

I chanced upon this brand of polish while shopping at Jurong Point.
On the bottle it says Rubi Shoes,
but it also says Kim Nail Polish on the label.
Colour is called Sky.
I bought this at a steal! Was only going for SGD$2!

4 coats + 1 coat Poshe TC.
Added a coat of China Glaze White Cap on the middle finger for accent.

Coincidentally, I have Essie Great Expectations on my toes and could see a similarity.
I'll say Sky is a cousin to the Essie.
Both are jelly finishes.
Sky is just more blue-toned as compared to the Essie.

Gorgeous colour and I would have kept this one,
BUT it stank to high heavens.
Man... I think my nose is still hurting from the fumes.

Definitely not B3F,
so for those of you who may be allergic,
or who can't stand the chemical smell,
you better avoid this one.

Application wise, it took a 4th thick coat to even the polish out.
Otherwise, it was like trying to apply a pastel polish, streaked quite a bit.

Awesome colour,
but I'm not keeping this one.


Jamie K. said...

indeed! i got myself a rubi polish too, a blackened red and it stank! URGH the polish bottle looks like the OPI!

Berry T said...

Yeah! I thought the brush was a little like opi's pro-wide too!

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