Sunday, April 17, 2011

OPI Planks a Lot + Ruby Kisses Caribbean

OPI Planks a Lot.
Which was an effing bitch to photograph.
I had to re-do this mani a second time,
cos the pics from the first round were absolutely not colour accurate.
Not that the pics from the second mani are accurate,
but definitely better than the cornflower blue from the first round.

Colour from the Iphone pic I quickly snapped in office is accurate.
Or imagine the colour from my watermark.
hmm.... Or maybe I should try taking Iphone pics in the office again tomorrow.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe
Ring finger is Ruby Kisses Caribbean (3 coats + 1 coat Poshe)

I was hoping that a blue accent nail would help the camera pick up the difference
and well, heh.. another polish named Caribbean is totally apt for the job

Anyway, no issues with application for this one,
although my bottle did seem a bit thicker than the others from this collex.
Another one that dries super glossy

Indoors shot

Quick thoughts about the whole collection:
I think there will be some who will be disappointed by this collex.
Cos the colours would come across as being "done before" or dupe-able.
Which was my first sentiment when I did each mani.

Not that I have an extensive stash,
but I haven't been able to find dupes for Steady as She Rose, Sparrow Me the Drama and Mermaid's Tears from it.

I'm working on sieving out the stash for dupes for the other 3,
and I do have a request for OPI Skulls and Glossbones vs Essie Playa de Platinum coming up

These are definitely not colours I would think of as being associated with pirates or the Caribbean.
But still, they look damn good on my skin tone.
Most of these are work-appropriate colours.
And to be honest, after all the previous collex,
I'm ready for a round of palette-cleansers.

I was particularly surprised by Steady as She Rose.
It was the bottle that I was least excited about,
but now the fave.

I guess, unless you're a fan of the movies,
you don't have to get the entire collex,
but don't dismiss it either.
There might be one or two surprises waiting for you.


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