Friday, April 1, 2011

OPI La Boheme

The last of the HTF for the month of March.
OPI La Boheme.

Unfortunately I had a hell of a time trying to capture this baby in photos.
I stood in the sun at various times of the day and took a shitload of pics.
BUT only 2 turned up ok.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe TC
I have to admit, initially when I did the mani at night,
I thought that the polish was just so-so;
"erm... this one looks like some of those brownish-reds I have"

Should have known never to doubt NB or the other fellow nail-holics.
La Boheme was super HOT once daytime came around.
I know this one looks good layered too.
I'll have to play around with it next time.

As for the upcoming polishes in April,
I'm going to feature my new babies.
I hauled like a shitload of polishes over the past 2 weeks.
It was like I went on a mad polish buying spree.
I bought from ebay, from blog sales, from sprees, from all my 3 suppliers.
And I had 1 swap with Jamie.
All within 2 weeks.

You wanna know what I bought?

American Apparel:
Mac Arthur Park
Peacock - On the way (OTW)

Glitter Blue (OTW)

China Glaze:
The entire crackle collex minus the black.
Pelican Grey
Sea Spray
White Cap

Cult Nails: (all OTW)
Living Water
My Kind of Cool Aid

Eyeko Rain Polish (OTW)

Misa Hot Butterscotch

The Swiss mini set
The Katy Perry mini set
The Texas mini set
Simply Smashing
The entire Pirates of the Carribean set minus the Silver Shatter (OTW)

Lollipop mini (OTW)
Sapphire Silk (OTW)


See. A Shitload.


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the Pirates collection?

Berry T said...

The pirates collex are already in stores in Singapore :)

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