Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chanel Black Pearl

Ok, I've got OPI Sparrow Me the Drama on now.
Its really pretty =)
But pics and all will have to wait till the sun tomorrow.
*prays for no rain*

In the meantime,
I'll show you instead what was my NOTD:
Chanel Black Pearl.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe TC

To be honest, I'm not impressed at all with the Chanels that I've bought and tried in the past,
and I kinda told myself to stay away from them unless something really special came around.
BUT I had to get this one. Not for the colour.
For its name =)

I admit. I'm a sucker for the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean.
I can probably watch the series over and over and over again
So Black Pearl?
Hell, yeah.
I'm definitely getting the polish that's named after Jack Sparrow's beloved ship.

And I put this one on hoping that it would bring the OPI Pirates to me today.
Sure worked!

Though the formula is still da suck.
Chipped again within the day.
$36 for another Chanel?
Like I said. Unless something really special.


ChaosButterfly said...

LOL You are so brave!
I couldn't pay all that for a name, and I definitely did not get the hype about this polish.
But at least it looks pretty on you!

Beej said...

How did you buy the Pirates collection?! :O

Berry T said...

You're not the only one! Myfriend thought I was nuts paying $36 for the name too. Well, she already thought that 36 for a polish was too much, but she really couldn't get it when I paid for the name!
What can I say? I just love Captain Sparrow :)

The Pirates collex is already being sold in Singapore :)

Beej said...

Oh, so lucky!! :) I'm jealous. I will be getting this collection when it comes out here in US just 'cause of the POTC theme.

Need to grab Black Pearl sometime soon..

Berry T said...

erm... to be honest, I wouldn't grab Black Pearl if not for the name. It chipped easily and I wasn't too wow-ed by its colour. But if you like it, then go ahead k =)

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