Saturday, April 2, 2011

American Apparel Mac Arthur Park

The second AA polish that I own,
but the first one to be tried.
AA Mac Arthur Park.
Bought this off ebay for SGD$5.50 only!

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe TC

This was one of the first of the new polishes that I wanted to try,
cos I really liked that swamp green creme.
I'm lemming Illamasqua Radium.
Though Mac Arthur Park is different from Radium,
I think its sorta helped ease the lemming a little.
But I definitely still prefer OPI's Who the Shrek are You

Since it's my first foray into the AA polishes,
I wasn't too sure what to expect about application

Thankfully I didn't have major issues.
Brush was ok, nothing spectacular or outta the ordinary.
First coat streaked a bit which was unfortunate,
cos otherwise this would have one of those polishes where you could have gotten away with a coat.

My main gross with this polish was when I removed it.
Stained my nails a horrid yellow.
It looked like I had nails that leaked vomit. Eew.


rosey said...

Like the color! Unlike the stain it left though.

Berry T said...

Yeah. Undecided whether to keep this one cos of the staining.

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