Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 2011 Purge

Here goes a repeat of the Purge Rules:

Prices indicated are in USD.
Pls note that I don't price gouge,
its just that I paid higher prices for some,
so I'm pegging them according to what I paid.

International shipping available,
but you will have to give me time to get you a shipping quote.
Paypal only.

For fellow Singaporeans, shipping will be $0.80 for the 1st bottle.
Subsequent bottles will be charged at additional $0.40.
Registered mail (for tracking) will be at additional charge of $2.30
POSB Transfer available.

I'm also open to swapping,
and the former practice still stands;
i.e. You can swap 1 bottle of yours to 2 -3 bottles from me.

However as I really have to downsize,
please do take note that I'm currently mostly Wishlist Only.
You can still offer others if not on my wishlist,
but don't get offended if I reject the offer k.

1st come 1st serve.
Please indicate using the comments section which are the ones that you are interested in.
This helps to give everyone a clear sense of what's still available.
Please also do remember to leave me an email so that I can contact you about the purchases or swaps k.

So March Purge includes:

Color Club Who are You Wearing (Used 2X) - $2

Essie Oscar Please (Used 1X) - $5

GOSH Black Passion (Used 1X) - $3 *Pending*

LaRosa Seawead (Used 1X) - $4

OPI Keep Off the Grass (Used 1X) - $5

OPI How to Jamaica Million (Used 1X) - $5 *Pending*

Orly Satin Society (Used 1X) - $2

Revlon Minted (used 1X) - $4

Revlon Streetwear Prince Charming (Used 2X) - $5 *Pending*

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Royal Romance (Used 1X) - $1

Happy Shopping folks!


Jamie K. said...

morning! im interested in OPI How to Jamaica Million, GOSH Black Passion and the revlon street wear.

polishes up for swap include:
Misa Hot Butterscotch used x1
Wet n Wild craze in morbid BN
Zoya Demi used 75% left


Jamie K. said...

oh and also Zoya Harley used x1 up for swap :)

Berry T said...

Sent you an email Jamie!

Melissa said...

Hihi, interested in Oscar Please :)


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