Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Great Melbourne Haul

Here's the Aussie haul post I promised.
Brought home a lot more than I had expected.
And this was all done within a few minutes of shopping.
Didn't know where to pick up polishes actually.
No Ozotics, No BYS,
but was really lucky to have chanced upon these:

Ain't too bad right?

Well, one of the reasons why I hardly do haul posts now
is cos I don't really like the idea of lugging bottles down with me to the park below my apartment.
a) I have an absolute fear that I'll trip down the stairs and smash the lovelies
b) Its a damn hassle lugging more than 2 bottles around

And I stopped sticking my hand outta my room window
cos I think the light angles are crap.
Plus fears of dropping the bottles.
Almost did once. *Phew*

But I really wanted to show off these Aussie beauties,
so here goes the individual outta-the-window-shots:
(I promise I get better ones done when I swatch them k)

First up from a departmental store called Targets:

Australis Paint in Trackie Dacks.

I googled this one and found out that Trackie Dacks is an Aussie slang term for tracksuit pants.
heh... well, the dusty khaki green colour reminds me more of cargo or miltary like pants
but hey, I wouldn't mind a good trackie dacks in that shade either

Chi Chi in Scene Queen.
I'm hoping this would be less streaky than the BYS Kung-fu Blue.

Then they also had a shelf of Bloom polishes.
I think I squeeled. I'm not too sure.
It was like some sort of a Hallelujah moment

San Francisco
Awesome blue-green duochrome

Minty green goodness

Blurred this one a little so that I could show you guys the sparkle.

Then we popped by Myers,
which I think is a high-end retail departmental store.
It was one of the few that was still open after 7 pm,
which is a real good thing for us since we were only usually only done with work about 5 pm.

But hell. Polishes ain't cheap over in Australia.
I found Illamasqua at Myers, but they were retailing at AUD$34 a pop!
Which would have translated to SGD$44.20!
So didn't get any even though I think I left quite a bit of drool over their display counters.

Revlon was AUD$16 (if I don't recall wrongly),
and I thought at SGD$11.90, Revlon was being a snob as a drugstore brand in Singapore!
Sigh. So no matte Emerald City for me either.

But I couldn't resist the Bloom counter again.
I was hoping I could find Jessica Mauboy I.
None of that one, but I picked up these instead:

The Cassette Society I

Miss Connie I

and Elle
which was thrown in free as part of a promotion.

Then I came across a new-to-me brand: Kits.
Their display counters was really eye-catching. Funky rainbow colours.
And the SA was so friendly and told us that she stayed in Singapore too when she was a little kid!
No way I could resist that.
So I picked up:

Speed Demon.
Check out that shimmer!

and Down Low.
I googled this one too thinking it might have been some Aussie slang again.
Heh. Wrong.
Its some kinda sexual African-American slang that describes a lifestyle predominately practiced by young, urban African American men who have sex with other men and women, yet do not identify as gay or bisexual

And then we spotted a Sportsgirl outlet.
I'm sentimental towards Sportsgirl.
They were in Singapore when I was still a secondary school kid
and I loved their clothes.
Unfortunately they've pulled outta Singapore since.
I think I moped around quite a bit when they did that.

Didn't realise that Sportsgirl also had a beauty range.
Only picked up 1 polish though cos by then,
I was well over my budget

Sportsgirl Nail It! in Berlin

Heh. After this HTF series is done for the month,
you'll know what I'll be trying out on those nails =)


Millie said...

Quite a good haul! Oz is definitely not the place to buy nail polish (or makeup)! It's far too expensive and I buy most of mine on either ebay or other websites. I wish I could just walk into a store to buy something occasionally but it's just not worth it:(

Berry T said...

I feel you Millie! When I was walking around in Myers, I felt like a little girl in the candy shop with a damn toothache!

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