Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Starting a Valentine's Day series

Now that the main bulk of the Chinese New Year celebrations are over,
I'm going to start a Valentine's series

No worries, its not going to be all pinks and reds.
As much as I like a good pink/red polish,
I don't think I can take a month's worth of it.

Instead, what I'm going to do is pick those polishes with names that I can link to the general Valentine theme.
That gives me a wider scope of colours to choose from

The first one to start the ball rolling is this OPI from the Japan exclusive 10th Anniversary collex.
OPI Be Mine, You're Fine

Attempted a simple nail art with it.
Pink tips done with Colour Club She's so Glam.
White dots are OPI Alphine Snow.

2 coats of OPI Be Mine, You're Fine.

I also have the red version of this one from the same collex.
The recent Justin Bieber release also has the purple one.
And if I don't recall wrong, Maybelline has a pink, and a blue version of this as well.

However, application using this one is a little tricky.
I found that the best way to get the heart-shaped glitter out is to use a toothpick,
and literally pick them out of the bottle.

Alternatively, if you've got quick hands,
you can try pulling the brush outta the polish real quick.
Somehow, the heart glitters stay on the brush that way.


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