Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sally Hansen Royal Romance

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in Royal Romance.

2 coats + 1 coat Poshe

Plum colour with gold shimmer.
Was the gold shimmer that caught my eye,
otherwise I would have given this one a miss at the store

Unfortunately I hate the colour on my nails.

And I didn't like the application either.
The brush picked up either too much or too little of the polish
And the formula wasn't the best; kinda runny and goopy at the same time

Had a harder time trying to control both polish and brush.
Guess it might be obvious from the pics,
not my best application.

Needless to say, it was off in 1 day


ChaosButterfly said...

Sorry that you didn't like this!
I feel like that whole line is not so good...the colors are kind of old-ladyish. I have some in my stash that I need to purge.

Berry T said...

And I thought that this was a Singapore thing! Thediamond strength line is one of the few that I usually see in Singapore, the others being the extreme wear and insta-dri. And somehow I always feel that it's usually pink or red or peach or some really boring colours :( seriously, the awesome SHs are HTFs here! Royal romance is the only one I got from this diamond strength line (I think) and I'm pretty sure I dun think I will get more

DesertNails8 said...

Yeah, their colors don't appeal to me but I use their clear as a topcoat and it make my mani super long lasting on my flexible nails (although it does take awhile to dry). Their diamonds color is good though - just a gentle sparkle/shimmer.

Berry T said...

Oh! Which line of the clear polish did you get?

Double Your Dating said...

The shade which you have applied on your nice is very beautiful. Such tat I always want to apply this type of the nail paint on may nails.

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