Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mum's Contribution

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while,
You might have remembered that the de-stashing process started as a result of a fight I had with my mum over the amount of nail polishes I've accummulated.
She hasn't been all that supportive of this hobby,
and her constant mantra has been that "its a waste of time and money"

Well... today's post is mum's contribution!
Yeah. Shock! Disbelief!
Took me awhile to recover from the episode.
Its going down in my history of nail moments.
I feel like I need to print out a pic of the mani and scrapbook it to memorialise it.

Quick note/background so that it makes a little more sense:
Mum has small nail beds and really short nubbins cos she doesn't take care of her nails.
She doesn't see any point in doing so despite my repeated advice, as she says "I'm forever doing the housework so its useless

So she was looking at my plain old Comet Loves Cupid mani,
and this was what transpired:

Mum: That's boring, especially for you
Me: Yeah. I don't know what got into me.
Mum: Why don't you layer one of those glitter ones? They always look better.
*cue first stunned look*
(A. You mean you've listened to my ramblings about polishes? B. You mean you've paid attention to what looks better?!)
Me: Erm... ok.
Mum: Go put on now and show me.
Me: Ok
*dutiful daughter goes to the polish cupboard looking astonished*

Grabbed the bottle of L.A Girl Crowd Surfing off the purge bin.
Put on a coat of that and another of Poshe TC.

Shows mum:

Mum: hmmmm....
*grabbed my hand and started shifting around in the light*
Mum: This is not glitter. But it looks good too.
*Cue eyes going huge*
(C. Wow! She can tell the difference between glitters and flakies?!)
Mum: But it's still quite plain. I like your last one.
Me: Ok. But that's stamping and I need a lot of time with that. I'm not good at it.
Mum: Why don't you draw something simple then? You do the one nail thing sometimes. That's not time-consuming.
*staring at mum to see if an alien has possessed her*
(D. She really has been paying attention! She knows about accent nails too?!)

*too stunned to think properly*
Grabbed the bottle of nail art striper that was still on the table from last nail art

After a while, mum comes over on her own:
Mum: Finished? Let me see.
*hand-grab round 2*
Mum: Not your usual standard but ok. I still prefer your earlier one.
*short pause*
Mum: Maybe you should go learn how to do those fake nails. Like hers *gestures at participant on TV reality show* then you can do mine.
*jaw thuds to floor*

So here's the result of mum's contributions:

I took quite a few shots.
Took me till this morning to appreciat the 1 coat of Crowd Surfing.
The flakies are usually copperish or orange,
but the glitter in Crowd surfing gave the overall mani a pretty green flash.

Now I'm re-thinking if I wanna purge this one.

Indoor shot.

Anyway, as I was getting outta the house to take the pictures this morning,
mum goes:
"You taking photos again?! Waste of time! And the neighbours will think that you're crazy!"

Yep. She's back.


ChaosButterfly said...

LOL, That has to be the cutest story ever.

The Green Fairy said...

Awwwww typical Singaporean mom. My mom does the same thing.

Btw, I'm in Singapore too. If you are selling any of your polishes, I'm interested :)

Millie said...

Funniest post ever!

Erin said...

Haha! It's not just Singaporean moms! My mom is pretty unsupportive of my habit, too!

She never does her own nails, either, and won't let me do them. But she's completely infatuated with the nail stamping I've been doing. She marvels at it, and it's adorable. Though she's asked if they're stickers half a dozen times already, and I'm tired of explaining the process. ;)

Miranda said...

I was seriously laughing out loud! And I can truly imagine how amazed you were.

chocaddict said...

awwww that was a cute story ^_^
It made me wonder what I'll be like if I had a daughter one day...

peripatetic33 said...

hmmmmm i wonder if she really wants her nails done like the ones she saw on TV

Cheryl said...

Oh that's so cute of her! My mum walked into my room today and went, "You're polishing your nails again! Such a waste of time. But I suppose you like it..." then took one of my polishes to paint her toes.

anna said...

Thats hilarious! Both my parents hate it when i paint my nails

Kayleigh said...

Really heartwarming! Thumbs up for the great teamwork!

Berry T said...

heh. I figured only you guys would be able to appreciate this episode! Not everyone of us polish lovers has the support of their loved ones. Those who do, remember to count your blessings!

The green fairy,
Sure, I should be putting up a purge post near the end of this month! So keep an eye out for it k =)

maisenzasmalto said...


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