Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lunar Spring

I had originally wanted to do something rabbit related for the Lunar New Year,
but as I sat down to start the nail art,
I had the inspiration to do something that was a little more oriental.

Polishes used are:
1) Base colour - OPI mini bottle of Red My Fortune Cookie from the OPI Hong Kong Collex,
(I read that this one's a dupe for RBL's Bangin)
2) OPI Black Onyx
3) Konad Special Polish in Yellow
4) U&A #827 (which is a gold foil polish)
5) Art Club striper in You're Golden

6) Konad Plate S9

Here's up I ended with.
I thought it was really appropriate for the Lunar New Year =)

Though everytime I konad,
I keep telling myself that I need more practice.
This set took me quite a while to complete,
I kept having problems picking up the image with my stamper.

Makes me admire the skills of accomplished Konaders like Thriszha from Fab Ur Nails and Diana from Painted Lady Fingers

Well, I just recently won 8 Konad plates from Diana's giveaway.
So I should have no excuse not to practice.
I know about using a plastic card, filing the stamper and having to move fast,
but are there any other additional tips from you guys?
I particularly have problems picking up the image onto the stamper...

Indoor shot.


peripatetic33 said...

wow that is fantastic

Berry T said...

thank you dear!

Cheryl said...

Don't do it in front of a fan! It dries too fast. I also don't really like using the Konad black special polish because it dries really fast, try using Wet n Wild Black Creme or Elianto's black polish. Those work well for me.

Berry T said...

Thanks for the tips! I usually don't do my polishing in front of the fan. It gives me bubbles too!
But I didn't know about the Konad black polish! I'll have to go get the Elianto one then since WnW isn't available to me here!

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