Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't remember if I saw this design from somewhere,
or whether it's something that I came up with.
Whatever it was, this was a design that I had in mind for quite some time
and was saving it for V-day

Polishes used for this set:
Orly Bare Rose (base colour),
OPI Alphine Snow,
OPI Strawberry Margarita,
OPI Vodka and Caviar, and
P2 Fever

And here's the V-day funky french mani:

This one isn't that hard to do really; its just random dotting.
I kinda like this,
and am going to try doing a blue-green full nail version of this soon!

Happy V-day gals!


Trincess said...

this is too cute! =D

Berry T said...

I think so too Trincess!! Thinking of trying this one out in all sorts of colour combinations, but most particularly in blue and green!

april brooks said...

Super cute!

Unknown said...

so cute !!!

rosey said...

wow!!! cute!! i would love to try this some time. =)

Unknown said...

Yao is um how did you do that? With a brush?


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Berry T said...

April, Lily nail, Rosey,
Wait till you ladies see the full mani version!
I'm totally in love with that!

I did that using dotting tools. Just random dots all over. Its really simple =)

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