Thursday, February 10, 2011

Essence Romeo + Julia

Although I really do believe that Essence meant Juliet,
just that they spelt her name wrong.

Its interesting though;
the OPI bottle that I have also spelt Juliet different

Essence Romeo
When I first got this one, I didn't pay much attention to it really
cos I was more wow-ed by the other polishes that came together with it.
Might even have overlooked this one if not for the Valentine theme

2 gorgeous coats sans TC.
I generally shy away from metallic silvers,
cos they make my hands look weird.
But this one is perfect.
Application was a breeze too.
Up till now, Essence has never given me problems in application.

The signficant other: Julia
or Juliet as I'm prone to say

Added 2 coats of Juliet... I mean Julia + Poshe TC

Loved this combi
I don't think I have much square shaped glitters.
The ones I have are usually round or hexagonal so I have no idea if the shape reflected more light
Its almost like having disco lights on your nails.

heh... I would walk along the streets and stare at them
Hands got grabbed a few times too by people who complimented that this one was really pretty

For those of you who are still unaware,
BHG at Bugis brought some Essence polish and make-up in.
Unfortunately these are only promotional and will only be around till 20 Feb.
Polishes are either $2.90 or $3.90
and their make-up is pretty cheap too!
I got a black eye-liner for only $4.90 and its been pretty decent!

Stocks are running out fast though.
The entire Metallics range was cleared out by the time I got my butt there
So hurry and grab some before they're all gone.


Vedra said...

Julia is not spelled wrong, it's just the German version of Juliet (since Essence is a German brand), as Giulia would be in Italian. :)

Jamie K. said...

They just stocked up on Tuesday, the BHG Essences :)

Berry T said...


Thanks for letting us know that! The language thing didn't occur to me at all!
Though now I do wonder if OPI did the same; they spelt Juliet as Joliet!

I was there on Tuesday evening! Make-up racks are still pretty full but the nail polishes are emptying fast!

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