Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flip-flop inspired!

Ok, today's pics ain't the greatest.
Been having lousy weather and so by the time I got to photo this,
it was at least 4 days of wear.
Plus I'm going through a bad patch of dry skin and cuticles
So the nails are ding-ed up, the light is bad, the cuticles are in a terrible state
and well... you get the idea

But I do like the idea of this particular nail art,
its simple and cute at the same time
so I figured I'll still post the horrid pics

And as you can imagine from the title,
this set was inspired by my flip-flops that has since gone missing
lucky thing it was cheap, only $1.50

Base colour is Essie Mink Muff
Dots are done using OPI Strawberry Magarita
and I stuck on some pink ribbon nail art sticker for accent nail.

Pretty cute don't you think?

well... as long as you look past those damn flaws...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Etude House BL009

Still a busy bee at work.
*Seriously boss, the deadlines are getting crazy!*

Anyway quick post cos this polish is just too damn gorgeous!

From Etude House, BL009.
I found out somewhere on the internet that these polishes actually have names!
Well, not particularly creative names since they are things like copper brown or something like that,
but definitely not just mere numbers!

Just that I'm a little swamped now to go look for the name of this BL009.
I'll get back to it some day and let you guys know
That is, if you are interested =P

But well, now at least I do now why its so coveted

This is one gorgeous baby!
The blue to beat all Monday blues!

This is 2 coats of BL009 + 1 coat Poshe TC

You'll have to get your hands on this one for sure!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finally! My 1st post of 2011!

All right! I'm finally back to posting!
Sorry for the MIA status folks.
I had a great time with the kids over at West Timor,
but ever since coming back, its been one thing after another.

My luggage went missing, I fell horribly sick,
there was a huge amount of work waiting for me in the office,
and well, things just kinda snow-balled from there on.
It was so bad I only mangaed 3 mani changes since I returned on 21 Dec!

I know I haven't replied to any messages or emails
I'm really really sorry.
Any spare time I had, I would fall asleep.
That was how physically drained I was.
As it is, I'm still nursing a cough that has bugged me since Christmas!

Things have since gotten settled though
*I hope*
While I might not be able to post as regular as before,
but at least I'm back to blogging =)
I haven't been reading or following NB or any nail blogs though
so I have zero idea what's been happening in the nail world!
I sure as hell need catching up time!

p/s: Sheri, so sorry I didn't reply your sms
I was in a meeting when your sms came in,
and after that I forgot all about replying until now!

So here's the 1st mani post for 2011!

Base colour of Catrice Sold Out Forever

with a layer of the amazing P2 Crackling Topcoat in Black Explosion

Both are courtesy of my dear friend Marie!
I'm real possessive about these 2 bottles.
Someone tried to borrow these 2 bottles from me.
I'm usually quite nice about such stuff but man...
I think she's never going to ask to borrow stuff from me ever again =P

Really cool right!

hmmm... though I think I might need to start practising taking photos again

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