Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battle of the Dupes: The Chanel Jade Dupes

Nope, I don't own the infamous Chanel Jade.
I'm not too keen on the Chanel polishes given how easily they chip off me.
And at the price they're selling it, they should wear like iron!

I managed to get my hands on its dupes though.
Again all through courtesy of NB'bers and wonderful readers =)

Catrice Sold Out Forever

Claire's Dream Catcher

Milani Dress Maker

And they are:
Pinky and Index: Catrice Sold Out Forever
Ring: Claire's Dream Catcher
Middle: Milani's Dress Maker

3 coats + 1 coat SV each

Of the 3, I prefer the application of the Catrice one the most -
it was the smoothest to apply.
Claire's formula was a little runny,
while the Milani one was goopy.

However the green shimmer in the Milani one was the most obvious (and prettiest!)

I don't know how they compare to Jade, so no comments there.
But while these 3 aren't exact dupes, they really close to one another.
Usually, I would have kept one and dumped the rest, but this time round,
I think I might keep all 3.
Just for the reason that all 3 are brands that ain't available in Singapore
and these are all sent by lovely people.


peripatetic33 said...

thank you --- very helpful

ThRiSzHa said...

what about the etude house polish.. i just forgot the code.. LOl

Jen said...

I am totally loving your comparison blog entries! <3

Saori said...

Once again it's a great comparison !!

Buy WoW Mage said...

finally! thanks so much for featuring this.
now, i can buy either of the 3:D

Berry T said...

Glad to have helped you guys out with the comparisons!
still have a few more on the way actually but it'll be a matter of finding the time (and sun!) to do them!

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