Monday, November 22, 2010

Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac

Again courtesy of another swap.
Thank goodness for you wonderful ladies.
Else I would never have gotten my hands on such pretties!

Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac

I don't usually like the formulae on these Sally Hansens,
especially those from the Xtreme Wear range.
But there are always times when I put up with it cos of the awesome colours.

This one took me 3 coats.
I contemplated doing a 4th but well...
I was being lazy. Again.

Love the green shimmer in this one.
Very unique combination with the dusty lilac base.
I thought of this as a cousin to the awesome RBL Scrangie.

Can you guys guess which swatch is coming up next?


Anonymous said...

beautiful! and next color RBL Scrangie! hahaha

dhwani madhwani said...

the colour is very soothing

Jen said...

It looks lovely on you! :)

Berry T said...

thank you! Mystic Lilac is really unique and like dhwani madhwani mentioned really easy on the eye too =)

though the next swatch ain't scrangie...

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