Thursday, November 18, 2010

RBL Anne

RBL Anne

2 coats + 1 coat SV

By request of a colleague who saw the bottle sitting on my work desk

We both decided that it looked better in the bottle than on the nails

By the way, nail board is calling for the top 20 nominations
While trying to narrow mine down,
I went through some of my older photos
and kinda decided that I probably have to re-do quite a bit of them.
My photography skills were pretty bad then =P

Plus there are some that I still haven't swatched,
but am about 80% sure that they might make the list

So you guys might be getting a slew of swatch posts instead of the nail art ones k


chocaddict said...

oh yes, pretty please swatches swatches :) it's not that I don't *love* your nail arts, but I also love you pretty pictures :)
I read that quite a few people had to wear Anne for a couple of days until it started growing on them, let us know if you end up liking it better after all ^_^

Berry T said...

heh. Yep I did end up liking Anne after all. It definitely took a while but not too sure whether it would make it for the top 20. =)

Saori said...

Well ok in bottle is beautiful but result on your nails is really lovely !!! wonderful color :)

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