Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nature Republic FGR601

It felt like its been a while since I put on an Asian polish.
Plus yesterday was the first sunny day I experienced since the last week,
so I took the opportunity to put on a holo

This one is from Nature Republic: FGR601.
(Do you guys still wanna hear my lament about numbers instead of names?)

3 coats, no topcoat

Not too bad a colour,
but somehow it didn't rock my boat.
Might be cos I was still reeling from the previous bright rainbow mani

Application was great.
In fact, I would say its on par with the OPI DS range.
These are probably the only holos that I don't have a problem with dragging and streaking while applying.

And here's a short clip on it =)


Mia said...

Looks great on your nails! :)


Berry T said...

thank you

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