Saturday, November 13, 2010

For CT: Misa Road Warrior

Hey babe,
Its been a hectic time around work
and there are many many changes and re-structuring that's going to happen.
Part of the busy-ness that we are going through is a result of the coming changes.

Don't worry about us here though.
In spite of all the running around and deadlines,
we also been finding the time to get together and have fun.
The only thing is that I missed having you around in the fun and photos.

I hope by the time you read this, your infection is under control.
Be strong k babe.
You're almost at the last leg of the chemo cycles.
I'm very worried about you and Shanti.
I'll keep you posted about her condition too.

So today, I have for you this polish by Misa again.
Its called Road Warrior and I purposely saved this until now.

The last leg is usually one of the hardest.
Don't lose hope.

You're the warrior in this.

We love you babe.


Crystaliciousss said...

goggeous shade!
Lots of love and strength for you both :)

Berry T said...

thank you dear

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