Sunday, November 28, 2010

Battle of the Dupes: MAC Mean and Green vs Orly Space Cadet

A comment by one of my readers prompted me to go through my own stash for all the dupes that were being released this year.
And yeah. Its been a hell of a years for duping too...
*wonders why I bought all these dupes too*

So I'm going to start going through all of them,
and hopefully purge some of those too!

MAC Mean and Green
Hell. I actually bought 2 bottles of this!
Got caught up in the craze and whirlwind that surrounded the MAC VV Collex
and for the 1st time in my life,
went to queue for make-up before the stores open.
*wonders again why the hell I did that*

VS Orly Space Cadet.
NB went ga-ga over this one until the MAC dupe turned up

and here they are on the nails.
Can you even tell them apart?

Both are 3 coats each + 1 coat SV

Though I very much preferred the Orly one.
Space Cadet applied much better as compared to the MAC one.
Plus I think MAC forgot about the QC in all the VV whirlwind.
The 1 bottle that I opened came with a wonky brush.
So did my bottle of Formidable.
Boo. MAC. If you are going to price your polishes higher than the average,
you should jolly well make sure your brushes are good to go.

Just in case you're still wondering,
its Orly on the Pinky and Middle fingers,
MAC on the Ring and Index.


Miranda said...

I love comparisons. It makes sure I don´t buy dupes to often. Thank you so much!

you nailed it! said...

wow in the bottles they don't look alike that much. didn't expect them to be so close dupes

Saori said...

really impressive how they are similar !!!!

Jackie S. said...

I agree, sometimes MAC has bad brushes! Great post! :)

Janis Vail said...

Have you ever seen Hard Candy's Beetle? These look similiar to that polish as well!

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