Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Newspaper Nails

After all the sparkle and bling of the OPI Burlesque,
I was in the mood for something a little more neutral and subtle.

And ever since I read about newspaper nails from these 2 blogs,
Inside of My Purse (instructions provided)and the awesome
The Daily Nail,
I've been meaning to give it a try.

I picked Essie Jazz as my base colour,
and here's my version of the Newspaper Nails =)

My colleagues all thought it was awesome,
and when they realised that it wasn't that difficult to do,
one of them was even inspired to try it out herself!

One tip though:
If you're going to attempt this,
please try to prevent the newspaper from drying out on your nails with a few drops of alcohol.
otherwise the newspaper might stick onto your nails
and you'll have a tough time trying to get that off.

and here's the taken-in-the-cab shot!
haha... I'm immune to the weird stares from the drivers! =P


Let them have Polish! said...

That is so cool. Subtle but modern.

Nicole said...

That is REALLY really cool! I want to give that a try - nail art I might actually be able to master! ;) Looks great!

Zuzu said...

Easy and so stylish =)

Thanks for the link =)

Katrina said...

wow, thats so awesome!

Priscilla said...

AWESOME! So pretty!

Jamie K. said...


AnnKiins'♥ said...

How creative^^
Lovely nude color~

Berry T said...

aww... I see this one is quite well-liked by you guys! You should really try this, its relatively easy like what Nicole mentioned and seriously COOL!

you're most welcome! After all, I got the instructions as to how to get this going from your blog! =)

chocaddict said...

oh man, that is SO cool sweetie...I have to try it out it looks super awesome <3

Saori said...

Love this nail art, simple, discret but so nice :)

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