Monday, October 18, 2010

For CT: PODz Event

Hey babe,
I sent you an email last night.
Thought I'll show you even more pics of the event

The ones here were from my own camera,
so nothing as nice as the ones I emailed you =)

First off, the deco in the Function Room.
Really loved the rainbow and balloons theme that you guys came up with!
It made everything so cheerful!

Some close-up of the ones on stage.
Poh Poh was a little upset that there didn't seem to be enough balloons

The static display that was a lot of work by the team!
And hell to transport!
It looks normal in the pic, but it was 4 huge mounting boards stuck together.
I helped out a little with sticking down stuff
but I have no idea how they managed to transport it down! =P

ok, more balloons.
But Marie and I were really taken with the black star balloon.
But dunno how, at the end of the event, there was only 1 of the star balloon left =(
Since both Marie and I wanted it, we compromised and brought it back to the office instead!

Rainbow umbrella for the rainbow themed event!
hahaha... we all liked the umbrella so much,
now 5 people in the office own that exact same umbrella!
and seriously, its a really good photo prop!
All the pictures taken with that brolly looks really good!

These cards were also used in the instant photo booth

heh. and this last picture of balloons was just me trying to get some artistic shot.
somehow, it didn't turn out the way I expected it to.
Blaming it on lousy lighting (instead of the lousy camerawoman)

and of cos, how can I forget the nails!
Was extremely tired the night before,
But I promised to get the nails done in rainbow.
So here they are!

Thumb - Essence Break Through
Index - Essence Check Me Out
Middle - MAC Cabaret
Ring - Zoya Yummy
Pinkie - Revlon Streetwear Taxi


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