Thursday, October 14, 2010

1st Sinful tried: #203 Agaci

Sinful #203 Agaci

We don't have Sinful polishes in Singapore,
but I've been really fortunate to have meet some really lovely ladies who were willing to CP or swap these with me.

Layered Agaci over 1 coat of Essie Jazz,
and here's the result:

oh... in case you were wondering,
its 2 coats of Agaci

Even though it was really sheer,
I kinda liked the resulting subtle and soft look.
It was somehow, very comforting and peaceful.

And the indoor shots


Let them have Polish! said...

So delicate and pretty.I love your base color.

Abbie♥ said...

pretttyyyy! its simple yet so lady-like! ♥

AnnKiins'♥ said...

Lucky you ^o^
Same, no sinful colors for me :c

Berry T said...

I think I'm in love with this particular Sinful!
Have it over Essie Sew Psyched now and its gorgeous!!

CelyFrenchie said...

I just LOVE it ! I'm an addict of glitter/holo polishes and this is one is totally gorgeous, really subtle :)

It must look really amazing on Sew Psyched !

Berry T said...

Oh man! I think its mind-blowing over Sew Psyched! Was supposed to be in-charge of a work event when I had it on, and I couldn't stop sneeking peeks at it!

CelyFrenchie said...

Haha I totally understand what you're talking about, I can't stop looking at my nails when I wear a pretty color, especially if there are glitters or a particular reflecting in it :)

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