Thursday, September 2, 2010

Purple Mania!

Polishes used in this set of nail art include:

Essence #26 Break Through

Essence #31 Hypnotic Poison

Essence #58 The One and Only

China Glaze Light as Air.
Bottle was really difficult to photograph.
Not a single bottle pic turned out accurate.

And this is the nail art that I really really liked.
Heh. My hands got grabbed by several people too =P
Apparently this set was quite well-liked by people around me.

Actually I started out with only one goal in mind.
I wanted something purple.
But I couldn't make up my mind which purple and decided to combine all of them =P
Now I want to do variations of this in other colours as well!

Would have been perfect for me if not for the damn shrinkage caused by SV!


Jamie K. said...

u are awesome :D hw did u do the straight lines!!! and the silver... is it a nail art polish?

Alice said...

It's great! i love animal pattern! and purple is my fave color! :P

Rebie said...

I love this design, purple and glitters are my favorite things

Jackie S. said...

Great design!

Oje Delisi : ) said...

so cute! :)

peripatetic33 said...

looks like fancy wrapping paper, very neat

chocaddict said...

wow you outdid yourself on this one hun' it looks fantastic :)

Geokteng said...

love love. this is fantastic. maybe you can get the gel topcoat from ettusais, no UV light is needed and can be easily removed with normal polish remover.

Sylvia said...

So pretty!

Berry T said...

Thank you everyone!
I really liked this set too and wore it for 4 days!
That's how much I like it since its been a while since I wore anything voluntarily for more than 3 days =)

Jamie K,

Yep that was a silver glitter nail art striper from Art Club. erm... as for the straight lines, I did them with the normal nail polishes VERY VERY carefully =P

hun, you just gave me another nail art idea!
fancy wrapping paper! I'm going to try that one out in green just for you!

razberiswrl said...

OMG! This is SO freaking cute!!! I'm not typically into nail art, but sometimes one of the designs I see just grabs me. This one definitely did!

Saori said...

Beautiful nail art you did !! Perfect :)

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