Sunday, September 26, 2010

OPI Sparkle-icious vs OPI Mad as a Hatter

I don't usually paint my nails with 3 coats of glitter.
That scares the hell off the skin on my fingers. Literally.
But I really wanted to see how Sparkle-icious would compare with Mad as a Hatter.

OPI Mad as a Hatter (mini)

OPI Sparkle-icious

And here they are side-by-side:

Pinky & Middle: Sparkle-icious
Ring & Index: Mad as a Hatter

ok, I don't think I need to say anything.
The pics tell the entire story of these 2 sisters.

And a vid of da bling


chocaddict said...

Yay! I'm glad these two are alike. MAAH came out when I was still allergic to glitter (before I knew about the foil removal method) and therefore I passed on it. The ebay scalpers now have it at crazy prices :( I just ordered Sparkle-icious and a couple of others \o/
xoxo babe

you nailed it! said...

I have Barry M Silver Cascade, it also looks alike! xx

Berry T said...

yep, when I got Sparkle-icious, it really reminded me of MaaH. They're different in good ways; MaaH has the silver glitters while Sparkle-icious has the gold ones.

you nailed it!
do a comparison babe!

Starlight said...

It appears to me that MAAH glitter particles are a bit larger than Sparkle-licious. I like the smaller particles!

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