Friday, September 24, 2010

OPI The Show Must Go On

Finally! The 1st Burlesque mani!
Presenting: OPI The Show Must Go On

3 coats + 1 coat SV

In real life, you'll probably notice the bling first.
Ok, I admit. I'm lousy with this.
Do you call those micro-glitter? Or pigments?

Well, whatever its called.
Its really really sparkly and pretty

And while the duochrome's there for sure,
its effect is probably diminished (a little) with the competing sparkle.

But the end result is still awesome.
I can't help but keep shifting my hands in the sun,
there's just quite a bit going on with this particular polish.

Formula wise, its a little tricky and thicker than usual
but nothing that too tough to handle.

I could be done with 2 coats actually, but would prefer 3 coats.
The sparkle was a lot more pronounced at the 3rd coat.

It wasn't exactly a piece of cake to remove (cos of the pigments),
but nothing a good rub wouldn't solve in this instance either.

sigh... the tin foil method would hopefully be utilised tomorrow though.
I have on Sparkle-icious and MAAH on now.
*dreads the coming removal process*


Jackie S. said...

Love it, can't wait to see the others :)

Starlight said...

Me too! I can't wait to see the next ones!

Berry T said...

coming right up babes! =)

chocaddict said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhh love love love *sigh*

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