Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Old-School Orly

I bought these off someone's purge like almost a month and a half ago.
I got swaplifted recently,
and one of the packages (about 2 months before) that I bought didn't arrive at all.
So I was almost in despair that these might never reach me as well.
But thank goodness they came just before I was leaving for my trip =)

Orly Moon Shadow.
One of my serious major lemming.

The other serious major lemming, Wild Thing.

ok, this one came along for the ride since I was getting those 2,
Visible Violet.
Have a feeling that I won't like this one afterall.

Now all I need is Plum Pudding...


peripatetic33 said...

that old school orly bottle is the kind that Cool Cucumber came in, it was a wonderful pine green cream with copper shimmer, i used up the whole bottle, it is one of the reasons i googled green nail polish and landed in the nail blog world

Sarah B. said...

Ugh, I totally understand the frustration of losing orders...
I think I've lost 3, from the same seller, suspicious huh?
I'm glad you managed to get your lemmings in the end!

chocaddict said...

ugh swaplifting is so not OK, I'm sorry it happened to you babe :(
We don't see these old school orlys very often, they're real nice in the bottles, now I'm looking forward to seeing them on your nails :)

Berry T said...

oohhh... I don't think I've ever seen Cool Cucumber before. I'll have to google it now! and I have the feeling that its going to go onto my lemming list as well!

Sarah B.
uugh! I'm so sorry to hear that it happened to you thrice! man... that sucks big time.
Hopefully you managed to recover some of your money back?

sigh... I guess with the amount that I've been swapping, its bound to happen once or twice.
and what makes it even worse was this was someone who I had swapped with previously so I didn't think that she would do this. Thankfully it wasn't one of the huge packages that I tend to send out. But even then, I was furious. Its more the fact that she was dishonest than about me losing some stuff!

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