Friday, September 10, 2010

Layering FAIL!

Ok, less than 8 hours after application,
I decided that yesterday's Maybelline Ocean Green wasn't it for me after all.
Then I figured it's ok,
I'll just layer something else over it

LA Girl Rock Star Collection: Crowd Surfing.
Grabbed it since it was in the untrieds,
and you would think that flakies can't go too far wrong eh.

But nope. Major FAIL.
I did 3 coats of Crowd Surfing.
But can anyone even tell that its there?!
Sure! If you put your face next to the monitor and squint.

This one's SHEER.
Well, definitely not one to be worn alone.
I'm going to give it another chance and layer it over another contrasting colour,
but if I have to use another 5 coats in the next try
this one's going to have to go into the purge bin as well.


chocaddict said...

oh wow...yep that one's a fail ;p on my screen there's no difference between ocean green with or without flakies; it's gotta be the king of sheers ^^

whee said...

i guess i can see a glimmer of gold? XD

Berry T said...

one major epic fail.
that's all I can say for this one =P

razberiswrl said...

I have this one. It's TERRIBLE. I tried to layer it over white so the color would show through, and it was just a huge bubbly bucket of fail sauce. :(

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