Sunday, September 19, 2010

Korean Brand Alert! Tony Moly Now IN Singapore!

So I found out that there's another Korean Cosmetics House who has descended upon our shores!
Jeez! There seems to be an influx recently eh?
For a while we had Skin Food and The Face Shop.
Then Etude House followed by Nature Republic.
Now there's Tony Moly!

And when I read that they had nail lacquers as well,
obviously I had to make a trip down.

Some of the Skin Care.
I think this is the typical display proto-type for Korean brands

Some of the makeup display counter.

erm... I apologise for the less than stellar shots of the shop interior.
I wasn't sure if I could take pics,
so I kinda chanced it, brazenly whipped out my camera
and started to snap a few shots
(though I think I was kinda sheepish as well)

One of the SAs did ask me what the pics were for.
Got guilty and explained that I blogged so it was for the blog.
He started to ask me which blog but I was already too embarrassed.
I just told him that it was mostly about nails and I didn't think that he would have heard of my little blog
heh... its not like I'm the kinda blogger who'll get invites to events,
or get the latest press alerts or samples to review =P

Anyway, back to the shop.
Ain't this the cutest cosmetics display?!

Hand creams! Peach and Tangerine scented!

Serious! These are facial products!

Don't believe me?!
Check out the instructions!

And Makeup Starters that look like Ice-cream!!


The Nail Lacquer Displays!!
Polishes are priced either $4.90 or $8.90.
Slightly above the range of Face Shop, Nature Republic but still affordable.

And since I'm there,
of cos I had to haul!
The SA commented that I must really love nail polish! LOL!

These are in the $4.90 range

And with the exception of the first one,
the ones with the white caps are in the $8.90 range.

And just to state,
No worries, I haven't forgotten my 5-for-1 principle.
These are mostly to be swatched and sent away in the few packages that I have been making up for awesome NB'ers and blog friends =)

For those of you who are interested,
Tony Moly is at Marina Square, #02-151
(that's near the central atrium)


Katrina said...


gahh! how awesome though :)

xoxoJen said...

Gorgeous colors!
Its coincidence you found these, I had found them while perusing around ebay after you gave me some of the brands to look for. One of the shop owners there had some of the food shaped jars of creams and some of the nail polishes. xD

jellynat said...

Lucky you! I love their polishes! :)

chocaddict said...

I would have gone crazy in such a many cute things to look at!! ^_^

Jamie K. said...

i went to take a look, worth mentioning there's grey nail polish! <3 but the rest of the colours are just.. :/

nadia_aienma~ said...

aw aw aw !! that;s cool place ! XD i love the bottles :p simple but elegant Xp hope asap it'll be here at indonesia lol just a lil bit far from singapore :p

Berry T said...

Yep! Quite a no of their stuff was really KAWAII!!
Just too cute for words!
heh. to be honest, I couldn't imagine ice-cream for the face!

I'm going to send some over to you!

Jamie K.
I got the grey one! Was thinking that it will be one of first that I have to try!

hahaha... hopefully they will reach your shores soon too!

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