Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love Free Nail Polish

Just the other day, I was at the TANGS Private Sale.
Heh. I'm a member of a lot of departmental stores actually just so I can get invites to such closed-door sales events.
I love it that you can get promotional items, chalk up points, get vouchers, additional discounts, blah blah blah.
And truth be told,
unless something really grabs me by the neck,
I don't otherwise bother to shop.
I can actually take leave from work just to attend a sales event.
(yeah. some of my friends roll their eyes whenever they hear me doing this)

Anyway, what I was leading up to is that on that eventful day,
I bought enough stuff that I managed to chalk up a $25 beauty voucher and $50+ worth of points to redeem.
Oh... and erm... I have a confession.
I caved and bought the entire set of the MAC Ji Soon 2010 Nail Trends collex.
I blame it on the SAs.

Back to the story,
I actually wanted to redeem a Chanel Jade Rose but they were OOS. Nevermind.
Didn't want to waste it on Estee Lauder's Blue Dahlia. That one looked really dupish.
They didn't have a Givenchy counter so no Island Lagoon or Island Palm either.
The Lancome ones look really boring.

Then I walked past the Shiseido counter and got the Nail Polish Tingle.

The normal sized ones would have cost me that $25 voucher.
But the mini bottles were $7 each.
I figured I should get more colours with that $25,
and besides, I couldn't finish a full-sized bottle anyway.

So here are the ones that I got:

Seriously, I swear almost all the Jap and Korean brands have this thing about numbers as labels.
Their polishes are quite often da bomb
but I really wish they would make the package complete and name them as well.


This one's a lot harder to photograph.
I just couldn't get the glitter to come through properly

and GR109
I like this one the most.
Just look at how glowy it looks even in the bottle!
I hope it'll look just as good on the nails


splattergirl said...

yay waiting for swatches!!!

shortwidenails said...

also waiting for swatches =)

80 and 81 look like dupes for china glaze atlantis and electric lilac

Berry T said...

all right!
I will try to get to them soon!
Have quite a bit to swatch actually...
*looks fretfully at the swatch pile*

I don't have electric lilac but I did think of atlantis when I picked those up. I'll have to dig out my atlantis to compare those 2...

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