Monday, September 20, 2010

The Face Shop PK106

While waiting for the Burlesque to come,
this was the next one that I grabbed to try.
The Face Shop PK106

3 coats + 1 coat Poshe

This one is actually a hot neon pink that somehow turned a little more watermelon-y on the camera.

Yeah. Neons warp the cameras.


nailgalore said...

NICE!! Love your nails too:-)
was it sheer or creme? It looks sheer to me:-)

Anonymous said...

I also have that polish! Mine's almost gone. :D
Very pretty in actual.


Berry T said...

its a jelly so its kinda sheer =)

wow... I've never been able to finish any one single bottle of nail polish.

chocaddict said...

nice color to help you (and us too!) wait for the burlesque ^_^

Jackie S. said...

Pretty pink!

PriSciLLa said...

I'm just curious to how do The Face Shop polishes wear on you? They're cheap and have interesting colours sometimes, but they also give me giant chips after less than 24hrs of wear :(

ellareiss said...

Such stunning neons! That pink is totally wearable.I would wear it everyday if I could.Thanks for sharing.

Murano Glass

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