Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Burlesques are HERE!

They're finally here!

Sorry for the crappy lighting,
but they arrived in the evening on a rainy day too.
So its just crappy office lights

Top row (left to right):
The Show Must Go On, Let Me Entertain You, Ali's Big Break
Bottom row (left to right):
Simmer & Shimmer, Glow Up Already!, Sparkle-icious

I just put on The Show Must Go On.
Its awesome!
Let's hope there's sun tomorrow so I can get those pics for you!


Tiana said...

Ooooow my, these look awesome! Can't wait for swatches! <3<3<3

chocaddict said...

*drools swoons dies*
OMG they are gorgeouser than gorgeous!!
I am totally looking forward to seeing your swatches and reading your impressions on those!

Starlight said...

Ooo! I see one I didn't want before,Sparkle-licious! It looks so multi-sparkly in the bottle! New follower!

Sarah B. said...

Oooh purties!!
I am so excited about these, I even dreamed about them!

LOL, to think I have just received my Swisses...

Lily nail said...

need them !!

Berry T said...

2 down! and so far, no regrets!
Pray that there'll be sun for the next few days
and I'll get them all swatched!

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