Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alert: Wrong Chanel Information

Hey guys,
Please take note that the earlier post about the Les Khaki de Chanel is not correct.
Apparently the store at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is not even open yet!
Neither is the outlet in Sephora within MBS!

What the hell Chanel?!
Then why bother to send out the mailer.
And when I try to call various outlets to find out,
not a single one of your sales personnel is able to give me a consensus on the date of release.
And I can't even get through to your headquarters.

Now I wish I hadn't thrown away that damn white mailer.
I have this image of marching down to your counters with that mailer
and shoving it in some poor SA's face.

Thanks Sherie for letting me know
and I'm so sorry that you almost made a trip down for nothing =(

Seriously Chanel. WTH?!

Finally managed to get through to Eleanor from Chanel.
The collection is definitely exclusive to MBS
and the launch is scheduled for 5th September.


Alexisaraus said...

That is extremely saddening! Sorry to hear about this!


Geokteng said...

Thanks for informing! Intended to make it trip there later today. And I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND how you feel! I went to their counter at isetan(wisma) just now and they gave me this weird look as though Im talking nonsense! They should inform all their staff about it!


Berry T said...

yeah! It was quite upsetting when Sherie texted me about it!
And I got really worried that people would have read the post and made a trip down for nothing!

Thank goodness Geokteng you checked with the SAs and you saw this.
Would have been a pisser otherwise!

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