Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OPI Glow Up Already! over OPI Alphine Snow

Quick post.
Just got back and I'm dead tired.

OPI Glow Up Already!
Note: The green in this polish isn't very apparent.

The current NOTD
(which I'm too tired to change as well for now):

2 thin coats of Glow Up Already! over 2 coats of Alphine Snow

and a vid of it:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OPI Ali's Big Break

Sorry guys, it was raining the past couple of days,
so I couldn't get any pictures until today.
And by then, I had a little tipwear

Ali's Big Break,
which is described by OPI as a glowing red shimmer.
Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this one.

When I first saw Ali's Big Break, I already had in mind an idea to create the half moon mani.
Then halfway through, I had this insane idea to do a pseudo french on the ring finger.
Kinda like how it turned out.
Am going to call it the C-Section =P

Anyway, this is 2 coats of Ali's Big Break over Orly Bare Rose.
1 coat of SV

Ok, I can't fault OPI for its description.
Ali's Big Break is definitely glowing
and it has pink micro-glitter that definitely gives it that shimmer.
It looks especially good when under the sun.

Its just that I had the feeling that I've seen this quite a few times around.
Nothing special or to-die-for in my opinion.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Malacca (Malaysia) Day 3

On day 3 we visited the Cheng-Ho Cultural Museum.

Admiral Cheng-Ho is renowned for his 7 voyages to Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Africa.

In fact, history has it that Cheng-Ho had sailed to Arabia, East Africa, India, the Malay Archipelago, Siam (Thailand) etc.

And there is even some contention that Cheng-Ho had sailed to America before Christopher Columbus!

Replica of how the ancients stored their jars onboard.

On Cheng-Ho's voyage to Africa, he brought back 2 giraffes from Somalia
It was the first time that the Chinese fleet had laid eyes on such a creature,
so you can imagine the ancients' astonishment at such a creature.

Also, apparently the African name for the giraffe is kirin,
which was similar-sounding to Qi-Lin, a Chinese mythical creature.
Hence, the ancients were extremely taken with the giraffes and brought them back as gifts to the Ming emperor Yongle.

Replicate of the Chinese medicinal hall onboard one of Cheng-Ho's many vessels.

The guide shared with us that it was one of Cheng-Ho's subordinates who came up with the game of Mahjong.
Apparently the sailors were bored of the existing activities and games onboard,
and asked for alternative recreation.
Eventually a general by the surname of Mah, came up with the game
and it eventually came to be known as Mahjong.

Miniature replicates of Cheng-Ho's fleet.
The guide told us that Cheng-Ho commandered a fleet of more than 200 vessels with at least 28,000 men onboard!
That's almost like an entire water town!

The guide also shared with us that the size of the Chinese vessel was unparalleled and far larger than any other wooden vessel in history.

There were different types of ships among the fleet; water vessels, food vessels (we were told these were like farms on water), ships for horses, patrol boats, etc.
The biggest (and most guarded) were the treasure vessels.
Apparently there is some dispute about the size of the vessels.
It seems like no one can believe that the ancient ships can be so huge,
but estimates of their length go from 200 feet to 600 feet!

I'm always very amazed with the ancient people (not just from ancient China).
They don't have the technology that we have now,
but they have given us an amazing legacy like the Pyramids (the only one still standing of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World), the Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, the Colosseum.

Since the fleet was so huge,
drums were used to convey signals and messages from one ship to another.

Saw this piece of a dragon and a phoenix in the souvenir shop.
Really liked it but nope I didn't buy it.

For our last meal in Melacca, we headed to Nancy's Kitchen for some authentic Nonya dishes.

Malacca is well-known for its Peranakan culture.
Baba-Nonya are the terms used to describe the descendents of the Chinese immigrants who inter-married the local Malays, also known as the Straits Chinese.
Baba refers to the males while Nonya are the ladies.
If you are ever in Malacca, you should visit the Peranakan Museum for a better understanding of this unique fusion culture.

Anyway, back to lunch.
Nancy's Kitchen came highly recommended by several friends.
Apparently on weekends, as the place is small, you might even have to call to make reservations or else you won't get a table.

Popiah - one of my fave way of getting my veggie

Popiah-making process.

hee... again almost forgot to get pictures of the food until after we started eating

Chicken in Candlenut! Awesome traditional Nonya fare!

Lastly these are the goods that I hauled back from Malacca.
I didn't do a lot of shopping but these are the ones that I couldn't resist bringing home:

Handmade straw basket.
This one's only RM$36!

And 2 pairs of traditional handmade beaded shoes.
These are typical of the the Peranakan culture.
The Nonya ladies are famed for their handmade beaded shoes!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

OPI Sparkle-icious vs OPI Mad as a Hatter

I don't usually paint my nails with 3 coats of glitter.
That scares the hell off the skin on my fingers. Literally.
But I really wanted to see how Sparkle-icious would compare with Mad as a Hatter.

OPI Mad as a Hatter (mini)

OPI Sparkle-icious

And here they are side-by-side:

Pinky & Middle: Sparkle-icious
Ring & Index: Mad as a Hatter

ok, I don't think I need to say anything.
The pics tell the entire story of these 2 sisters.

And a vid of da bling

Friday, September 24, 2010

OPI The Show Must Go On

Finally! The 1st Burlesque mani!
Presenting: OPI The Show Must Go On

3 coats + 1 coat SV

In real life, you'll probably notice the bling first.
Ok, I admit. I'm lousy with this.
Do you call those micro-glitter? Or pigments?

Well, whatever its called.
Its really really sparkly and pretty

And while the duochrome's there for sure,
its effect is probably diminished (a little) with the competing sparkle.

But the end result is still awesome.
I can't help but keep shifting my hands in the sun,
there's just quite a bit going on with this particular polish.

Formula wise, its a little tricky and thicker than usual
but nothing that too tough to handle.

I could be done with 2 coats actually, but would prefer 3 coats.
The sparkle was a lot more pronounced at the 3rd coat.

It wasn't exactly a piece of cake to remove (cos of the pigments),
but nothing a good rub wouldn't solve in this instance either.

sigh... the tin foil method would hopefully be utilised tomorrow though.
I have on Sparkle-icious and MAAH on now.
*dreads the coming removal process*

Chanel Paradoxal & Estee Lauder Surreal Violet

This one's a scheduled post,
so hopefully by the time you read this,
I would be in the sun taking pics of the 1st Burlesque mani

While waiting for that one,
I present to you Chanel Paradoxal and Estee Lauder's Surreal Violet.

Middle & Pinky: the Chanel
Index & Ring: the Estee Lauder.

Each one was 2 coats + 1 coat of SV

I really liked this colour combi!
Would have been almost perfect except...

How come the swatches I see online of Paradoxal have this lovely shimmer but mine doesn't?

Did I get a dud bottle of Paradoxal?

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