Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zoya Nidhi

If you guys ain't already aware, Singapore is hosting the 1st ever Youth Olympics
The Singapore portion of the torch relay officially kicked off today
and I was there, together with my colleagues and friends, to cheer the torch bearers in our ponchos and brollies,
especially since one of the boys we worked with was part of the relay team
*damn proud moment for us*

Hell yeah, it was pouring otherwise I would have taken a video of the event and posted it here to share with you guys.
Oh well. I've got some local links here though:

Youth Olympic Torch Relay officially kicks off in Singapore

Singapore Youth Olympic Flame Relay To Include 2,400 Torchbearers

And as part of the fan-fare, we also had a National Day Observance Celebration going on.
9 August would be Singapore's National Day
Usually as part of our celebrations, we are encouraged to wear our national colours (red and/or white)

Of course I had to do this on my nails as well =)
So I dug out Zoya Nidhi
I especially kept this until now!

and I think its a really pretty red that is so appropriate for the festivities

Night shots.
and in case you needed to know, this one's done in 2 coats


chocaddict said...

wow that's an amazing red! it looks gorgeous on you :)

Berry T said...

Thanks Marie!
I really adore this collex from Zoya!
They're all winners in my eyes =)

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