Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Reader's Request: Revlon Minted

Polishes used this round:

OPI Mini I Love Mummy.
Desperate to finish this one really.
If not for the fact that its good for nail art,
I would have ditched this one outta the window.
Application is horrid

Revlon Minted

And here's the NOTD:

Pretty colour Minted.
But formula's runny and streaky
Had a hard time trying to control the polish.
and I needed 3 coats to get it opaque and even.
Seriously if not for the colour, another bottle I woulda ditched.


chocaddict said...

funny...your is runny, mine so thick and goopey I had a hard time applying it; well in both cases application clearly sucked which is too bad for such a pretty color :(

Rebie said...

i love the nail art

razberiswrl said...

Your nail art reminds me of a 50's diner with caddys with fins parked outside. :) I love it!

Jana said...

It looks great on you, even though it sucked to apply. And the nail art is so cute, I never would've thought of that on my own but I want to try it one day now!

~Lisa said...

Lovely mint colour! I wish I was bold enough to wear this! >.<


Anonymous said...

is the color IRL true to ur swatch? or lighter/darker IRL ? Thanks!

Berry T said...

actually now that you mentioned it, mine was streaking and gooping at the same time.
Formula was just strange for this one
Kinda makes me hesitant to get the other 3 that I was eyeing

Thank you Rebie =)

yay! I WAS aiming for retro!
Somehow Minted just seemed to call for it!
I'm so glad someone got it! =)

Woould looove to see yours when you try it out!

heh. Just try it once and maybe it'll start growing on you

erm... its going to be hard for me to say cos I think colours pop differently on different computer screens - something to do with resolution, or some techno stuff.
But it looks pretty accurate on mine.

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