Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Parcel from France - Part 1

I did say that I had 4 swaps going on right?
And that I'll be needing more space soon.
Not complaining since its my birthday month!
Totally going to indulge myself this month =)

Here's Part 1 of the one I arranged with the wonderful Marie:

Ripped into the parcel right away when it arrived
Essence and P2!

and the wonderful sweets!
they're almost all gone =P

Here are the Essence polishes that Marie sent over:

#18 Check Me Out
I actually had this one before.
Swapped it away and regretted it.
Now its back and MINE!

#21 Fabuless

#26 Break Through

#31 Hypnotic Poison

#33 Just in Case
I kinda realised that I hardly do brown polishes
Have to correct this...

#55 Spot on
I have no idea why but I'm actually pretty excited about this grandmama-colour

#58 The One and Only

#59 Purple Diamond

#61 Blue Lagoon

I left the P2 ones in the office cos I'm trying to find space for them
Will bring them home and post pics for ya all soon! =)


ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. great swap!! advance happy birthday to u sweety!! i'll be on Singapore on ur birthday!! yay!!

~Lisa said...

Wow! Amazing swap! Lots of goodies! & I kinda like that grandmama colour too!

Katrina said...

ooh! what an awesome swap!! :)

Jackie S. said...

Great swap, I love Purple Diamond and Fabuless! :)

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