Sunday, August 29, 2010

OPI Megawatt?! over Misa I'm Going to Love Myself

Chipped the earlier Misa mani,
but didn't have time to re-do a proper one.
So I just grabbed OPI Megawatt?!
and quickly slapped a coat on in under 2 mins...

Missing the bottle picture of Megawatt?!
I have no idea where in the archives it went to..

But here's the result of the combo:

Taken in the early morning sun

Next 2 were taken in the mid-day sun.

There was a colleague who liked the combo,
but it didn't rock my boat.
heh... this colleague made a fuss about me removing the mani after a day
erm. my nails. my choice.
Though I was the polite, diplomatic girl that day and didn't say anything nasty.


Pretty said...

lol. mann i hate people like that. it is your decision. i change my nails all the time! i love this combo too! :-D

Shiny! said...

Ohh gorgeous combo!

maRyya said...

you have a lovely blog!
i follow you
maybe you will pass by my blog if you have time and follow me too?

chocaddict said...

It's so shiny in the sun!! it's gorgeous :)
In my opinion your colleague should just mind her own business...good for you you didn't say anything youc ould have regretted later though ^_^

Lily nail said...

nice color !!

Berry T said...

hahaha.... it looks like there are some who do like the combo!
Now I have to wonder why it doesn't speak to me?!

pretty, chocaddict,
heh... I was pretty tempted to say something about it, but oh well.
*chants* nice and diplomatic, nice and diplomatic, nice and diplomatic

I'll will check out your blog over the weekend =)

Jackie S. said...

Great combo, this looks a lot like Zoya "Reece" or "Happi"

Tanith said...

Very nice combo !! love it so much !!

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