Sunday, August 8, 2010

New babies added

Ok, it's looking like I have to purge again afterall
Cos I made a lot of swaps and hauled as well
and I'm running outta space for when the new babies arrive...

For now, the new additions are:

From the OPI Swiss Collection:

Cuckoo for this Color

Yodel Me on my Cell

and after seeing amazing swatches on the NB and other blogs,
I'm going to have to order Diva of Geneva as well.

From the China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection:

*peripatetic33: I ordered one of this for you as well!*


and killed 2 of my Misa lemmings:

Haute Hippie

Close-up of Haute Hippie
I love the Misa duochromes.
They're all pretty amazing

Road Warrior

and its close-up shot.
Seriously wish Misa came up with another collex of amazing duochromes.
They do this so well.

ok, so which ones would you guys like to see first?


chocaddict said...

ooooh pretties <3
the Misa looks amazing in the bottle, you're so right about them making great duochromes!

Berry T said...

Yeah. The last few collex from Misa were kinda disappointing really. And since Misa is hard to come by in Sg, I gave them all a miss.
But man... their duochromes really have dug hooks in my heart!

chocaddict said...

I just got the last collection and swatched it yesterday. I was actually *very* impressed by a couple of them.

Berry T said...

The latest one?
I've been kinda lemming It's You! after seeing Scrangie's post on it.
That woman sure brings on tons of lemmings with her swatches!
Now I can't wait to see yours!

ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. im goin to SG this coming friday and we will stay until monday morning... is there any place I could get some local Singapore polish brand or any nail art stuffs like nail foil? hope u could help me out... thanks

Berry T said...

hmmm... Singapore nail polish. I'm not entirely sure if we have those. But we sure have a few Korean and Jap brands

For nail art, there is a shop at Plaza Singapore Shopping Mall. Its either on the 3rd or the 4th level and its called Beadtle Sweet. I get quite a bit of my nail art stuff there.
They also have TINS which is a Jap brand of polish but colours are sometimes limited and they're pretty expensive as well.

Then in the same shopping centre, at Basement 1, there is Etude House and Face shop.

If you're looking for other Korean brands, probably the other nearest to you would be Orchard area. If you check out Somerset313 (another shopping mall) you can find Nature Republic. I think Skinfood is pretty common as well so those should not be a problem.

Is there anything else specific that you're interested in?

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