Friday, August 27, 2010

Nail Art of the Past

I thought I better post this one up since its been stuck a while in my archives
otherwise it'll get lost given the klutz I am with technology...

Polishes used are:

OPI Pink Caramel

OPI Starbright Sparkles II

Here's a close-up of the very light glitter in Starbright Sparkles II
You can't tell in my pics,
but IRL, it makes the base for the french mani more interesting.

Both Pink Caramel and Starbright Sparkles II are Japan exclusives
(and they cost a bomb to get...)

Essence Nail Art Striper in #04 Pink!

And here's the NOTP:

If I don't remember wrongly, these photos were taken in a jiffy.
It was a rainy period for several days and when the sun suddenly came slanting in through the kitchen window,
I remember dropping the laundry to grab the camera


Jackie S. said...

Very pretty! Have a great weekend!

KONADomania said...

So lovely!

Tilly said...

Love this! I tagged you for an award on my blog :)

Alice said...

Nice and cute! :) <3

~Lisa said...

Looks really nice!

Berry T said...

Thank you everyone.
I actually wanted to send this one in to PHD's funky french challenge but I missed the deadline.
*sigh* in fact, I keep missing all her deadlines
have to try to make the next one!

Thanks! I'll get to the award soon! =)

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