Friday, August 6, 2010

Japan's version of the OPI Glitter Topcoats

Remember a bit back I posted about Japan's version of the OPI Glitter Topcoats?
Well, I took a pic of the ones that I managed to collect and here they are:

Nutcracker Sweet

See what I mean about the Y codes

A close-up of the bottle

This one's Y40 Merry Berry Mauve

Y41 Sugarplum Yum

and you guys saw this before, Y42 Yule Love this Silver.

The thing is I don't have any of the US versions so I can't do a side-by-side comparison for you guys
but I've been told that the Japan ones are bling-ier

In fact, I'm also told that there is also a Japan version of the OPI Designer Series,
some of which are different in tones and shades as well!
Now those, I would probably give an arm or leg to get ahold of!

Took a vid to show you guys the holo glitters
Its blurred but it really shows how awesome these are
Hope that helps if you wanna compare as well
(In case you didn't realise, the 2 starring in the vid are Nutcracker Sweet and Sugarplum Yum)


Jackie S. said...

I saw on another blog a posting about the Japanese DS series. They were nice.

Thanks for the post, I love to see blingy pretties :)

~Lisa said...

D= They sure know hot to make us go broke by releasing two different versions of the same collection!

Berry T said...

Jackie S,
yep those were gorgeous! and I think they have one called DS Luxury that I'm really really lemming

Its not just OPI who does that!
Even Revlon jumped on that bandwagon and released exclusives in Japan.
In fact, I think there are several polish companies who have done the Japan exclusive deal!
What's up with that?!

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