Monday, August 30, 2010

For CT: HLS at the Botanic Gardens

Last Friday, we had our Healthy Lifestyle Activity at the Botanic Gardens.
Initially Melvin (the organiser) was kinda afraid that our plans would be spoilt
cos it was pouring super duper heavy in the morning.

Thank goodness the sun cleared in time
and we had ourselves a really sunny good time.

Its been a really long time since I've been to the Botanic Gardens
I've forgotten how peaceful that place can be.

Our first stop was the Swan Lake.
The last time I was there, they locked up the swans cos they were doing some maintanence.
This time we got really lucky =)

The swans were even bigger than I expected
Maybe its Disney or all the cartoons and fairy tales,
but I kinda thought that swans are like fluffy little things that can be carried and snuggled.
But these are really huge in real life!
Rachael and I got kinda scared to stick our hands and feet out =P

See! The classic heart shape!

We spent a really long time at the Swan Lake just fooling around and taking photos.
Marie brought along her huge-ass SLR Camera.
heh... I think between the 2 of us,
we have like a gazillion photos of the swans.

The other place where we spent quite a bit of time taking photos was this mini waterfall thing.

They built a man-made walkway under the water feature
Very cool and cooling too =P
We spotted 2 couples taking their wedding photos here!
heh... actually we spent quite a bit of time fooling around and hogging that place
we didn't realise that the couples were waiting for us to clear off!

Pretty sure you can tell which fruit this is.

Can you identify this place?
Its Villa Halia!

and here's the restaurant where long ago, we had a really lovely meal.
Speaking of which, that particular boy met Shanti recently.
He's doing well and still working as a waiter, but in another place.

We stopped to rest near the Villa Halia,
where there was a Banana Gallery and the Orchid Garden as well.

And I have to show you this one that resembles a penis!
We were in a uproar over this photo

Then I must show you this photo that I took...

Thought it was pretty artistic =)
On a digital point-and-shoot camera!

This is how it actually looks like without the play of lights

Last stop for the day was this Lily Pond that we passed by
We took a couple of group photo shots here
they look pretty decent on Marie's camera actually
but in truth, by then we were all pretty tired and hot.

On the way out, we came across this super huge tree.
Think it must be pretty old!
That's me in the photo trying to let you have a scale idea of how seriously big this tree was.

Dear, I thought this would be a way to keep you posted on stuff that we are doing.
Hopefully this way, you won't feel like you're losing touch with us.


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