Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Claire's Mood Changing Polish in Peaceful/Confident

My one and only Mood-Changing Polish
Considering the kinda temperature we usually have here in Sg,
perhaps just owning one is fine.

Cos most of the time, you'll just get to see one tone
In case you're wondering,
this is the Confident portion of the polish.

The green was so bright and neon,
it totally screwed with my camera.
Colour's a little off in the pics.
Try imagining them a lot less blue and a lot more neon

2 coats + 1 coat Diamont.

It got to the point where I started wondering if the polish is reflective of its name.
We sure can all do with a little more peace around and in the world eh?

I stuck my hand in cold water.
No dice.
Took a really long cold shower.
And it looked like I had blue tipwear.

Until I stuck my hand in the freezer portion of the friggie.
Totally by accident.
I was trying to decide what ice-cream flavour I wanted with my book of the day.

So I dumped a canned drink into the freezer to use as a prop:

Blue tips.
Even if a little faint.

and indoors.

Please excuse the less than perfect finger positioning.
Its kinda hard to hold onto a frozen can long enough to get several decent shots
Had to peel the fingers off after that.


Jamie K. said...

*thumbs up* for this post! shall not lem after mood changing polishes then! :P

emmajoy said...

Oh that's so sad! It doesn't work in SG because it's too damn hot! Haiyah. Thanks for killing a lemming though :)

Berry T said...

yeah. It was total anti-climax.
Was sitting around staring at my nails and waiting for them to change colour unless I figured out that it may just be too hot

Total kill-joy

Jackie S. said...

This color doesn't show the effect as much as some others, but I have it and I still love it :)

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