Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chatmignon Nail Polish

Did I tell you guys I was busying shopping for 4 swaps?
Pretty amazing what hunting around can bring.
Found another Korean brand as a result.
Going out on a limb here and making the assumption that the brand's called Chatmignon.
Heck. It must mean something to be on the label right?!

The unfortuante thing is I didn't get this from any shop.
erm.... if it helps, John Little was having one of those sales in the atrium of Causeway Point.
Grabbed these off one of those clearance baskets.




and the last one, #708

and I came up with a funky french nail art using the first 2 polishes:

Swatched the polishes on the pinkie and index as well.
The purple one definitely needed a 3rd coat to be opaque
but #211 was gorgeous in 2.

Its actually the first time I combined purple, brown and gold.
Kinda like it actually.
Somehow it reminds me of maharajahs.

and indoor shots taken again in the cab


Jamie K. said...

cool... hw much was those? :) i thot the sticker on the bottles looked familiar but the name... hmmm/

Berry T said...

*trying to recall*
think it was labelled $4.90 but with additional discount. Don't think I paid more than $4 per bottle...

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