Sunday, August 1, 2010

Black Label OPIs

Was out shopping yesterday and chanced upon a couple of black label OPIs

Chile o Caliente?
Think this one is from the 2002 South American Collection

Polar Bare from the 2004 Canadian Collection.
This one has some sentimental value.
Polar Bare was one of the first OPI that I bought
and one of those that got me started on this nail addiction.
I actually finished a bottle of it but that was back then when I only had less than 10 bottles in my vanity =P

Now? I can't even imagine ever finishing any bottle!

Yule Love this Silver.
Ok. I have to point out this is the Japan version and not the US version.
I believe the US version is coded L12 and was released in the 2001 Christmas Collection.

OPI re-did some of the glitter topcoats and released them only in Japan.
How do you tell? Most of the Japan exclusives have codes that start with Y.
Like this Yule Love this Silver; its coded as Y42.
I managed to find a couple of these and can post them if you guys are interested.


Ria said...

Ooooh I have a black labeled one!It's my first OPI ever! It's called 'It's a plane, it's a bird, it's OPI' no idea which collection it's from and it's Orange!
I looove your glittery one!

Anonymous said...

pls swatch the revlon minted soon!

Berry T said...

I think yours is from the Brights collection. Not sure which year though. Might have been 2006?

Its done!

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