Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August's Purge

Sigh. What has been a fun hobby has turned into a conflict between me and mum.
When my stash started growing, mum also began to nag at me about it.
She sees it as something wasteful and frivolous and useless.

We began to have small arguments about it.
Then little fights.
Then bigger ones.
But today mum and I really really fought about it.
We both cried.

I'm tired of all this and I don't want mum to cry about it.
As it is, just yesterday I told my friend that I'm going to start selling some of the polishes cos I'm really running outta space.
Its really getting a little outta control.
I'm never going to be able to finish any single bottle.

And most of all, I don't want to fight with my mother anymore.

So what I'm going to do is to stop buying and swapping for the time being.
I still have a few swaps that I've already agreed on and 1 order before coming to this decision but those will be the last for now.

I might swap again when the pile becomes more managable
but I want to make mum happy.

I'll need you guys to help me.
This is fresh in my mind for now but in future,
remind me whenever I post a lemming in future.
Until I clear my stash to a acceptable pile, no swaps and definitely no hauls k
I'm going to put up a wallpaper on my laptop to remind me as well.

As for the sale, I'm still going to do the monthly purge thing.
except really sorry guys, I'll have to sell them for now.
I'm going to price everything in Singapore dollars but pls be assured that I will be pegging everything reasonably.
Where I can remember, I will price those below the price that I bought them for.
If I can't, I'll will do my best to give a reasonable price

Internationals are welcome, but you'll have to give me time to get to the post office to get a shipping quote.
And it'll have to be through paypal.
And in case you need to know, I'm giving the US exchange rate for a reference:
its usually about USD$1:SGD$1.50 (give and take a little)

Locals, if you're interested, post is about $0.50 for 1 bottle, $0.80 for 2-3 bottles, the rest I'll have to check out as well. I do know registered is an additional $2.24 though.

sigh. ok, so onto the sale:

Color Club Worth the Rique
Used 2X
SGD $8

Nubar Absolute
Realised that I bought 2 of this. Swapped the BN new off.
This one is used 1X only

OPI Ogre the Top Blue
Used 1X

OPI What's with the Cattitude
Used 1X

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell
Used 1X

OPI Need Sunglasses
Used for 1 mani and nail art about 3X

Ok, that's it for now.
I should be coming up with more soon though


Jamie K. said...

I understand how you feel. Im also getting nagged at, both by my parents and other ppl on FB. >.< sigh.

Jamie K. said...

and a virtual hug if that's ok with you.. *hug*

Anonymous said...

Nubar Absolute

Hope everything's fine between you and your mum! :(

chocaddict said...

Oh dearie, I'm really sorry to read this...but it's probably the good decision if it makes your mum happier because then you'll feel better as well *big virtual hug*
If it's still available I'll help you as I can buy buying Ogre the top blue since it's the one I'm missing from that collex.
Let me know

whee said...

oh no.. really sorry to hear about the situation with your mom!!

i don't even dare to show my nail polish stash to my mom .__. my erjie knows about it, and thinks i'm crazy. thank goodness she didn't rat me out!

not really interested in any of the polishes you're purging this month, but i'll help if i can with your future purges (:

you've come to a very brave (and difficult!) decision and i really hope it helps smooth things out!

Berry T said...

Thank you everyone for your hugs and kind words and support.
I'm a lot calmer this morning and mum seemed to be as well
I really hope that things will work out between mum and me

I've sent you an email and thanks a lot!

you sure you wanna get ogre the top blue?
I'll send you a shipping quote if you're sure and thank you so much babe for the support!

I really really appreciate it guys!
Love you all back

Alice said...

I'm sorry about that, I hope everything will go better and better day by day... hugs

emmajoy said...

Hey I'll definitely be able to take some of your lovelies off your hands if it helps your situation at home! I know how you feel -- of late I've been thinking I should be buying less because I have such a large variety of polishes now there really isn't anything out there that's similar to what I already have. Anyway, take heart, no one ever died from lack of nail polish. Anyway I'm sure you have a lot to go around -- if you use one bottle for a manicure every day, you'll be able to go for a few months before wearing anything twice, I'm sure! So after I get my oustanding Zoya Wicked & Wonderful and Cosmix, I'm going on a no-buy for the rest of the year. Join me!

chocaddict said...

Yep hun' I'm sure :)
It was bothering me that I had all the shreks except that one anyway ^_^

contests and such said...

So sorry to hear about the fighting :(
I think my fiance and I would fight more if he could readily see my stash- it's in a closet so he really doesn't know how many I have ;) Horrible, I know. Hope this all works out for you.

Jackie S. said...

I'm so sorry you have to sell off your collection! *hugs*..hopefully I'll be able to take some of your colors off your hands. Hope the relationship get better. :)

wendy said...

Hi dear, i totally understand the struggle you are feeling. My mum nags at me occasionally too.

I started telling myself to stop buying polishes too when my stash hits 50th bottle. I can never finish them i know. just the desire to buy more.

Hope things are better btw you and your mum. Take care!

deltacephei said...

What a thing to argue about :( I hope the relationship will get beter when you don't have as much.

Berry T said...

dear all,
thank you so much for your kind words and support.
its been a horrid week.
thankfully, my mum has eased off a little in light of the other stuff that has been happening.

Cheryl Ng said...

Hey babe, is OPI Need Sunglasses still available? Do let me know- cherylcherylcheryl@gmail.com, thanks!

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