Sunday, July 11, 2010

WC Finals 2010: Spain vs The Netherlands

Part of the reason why I wasn't able to post as regularly in June
was also cos I have been following the World Cup.
Unfortuantely, since the world isn't flat, there's something called time differences
and I have been sleeping late and trying to manage my life around that

While I really enjoy watching football matches (I follow the EPL regularly too)
I will be quite glad once tonight's finals are over.
I can then really catch up on my sleep then.

Anyway, in honour of the game being played later
I've done my nails in the colours of the team that I've been rooting for:

OPI mini Comet Loves Cupid

OPI Need Sunglasses?

Art Club Nail Art Striper in NA3 Yellow

and the nails I'm rocking today:

Index nail is OPI Need Sunglasses?
The middle yellow stripes are done using the Art Club Yellow.

well... not the best.
I was too impatient last night and started working before the colours were even dry.
So there's bubbling and some bleeding of the colours

I'll be honest. Yellow ain't a colour that I would usually wear.
and I hate the application that is Need Sunglasses?
Horrid 4 coats. Bleah.

and taken at night with the camera flash

pretty obvious which side I'm rooting for eh =P


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and they WON!!

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